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From: mike loggerman
Subject: The Fellowship of Chubs pt 19. Showdown with SunilWhen Sunil and his parents got home, they found Ram and I playing video
games. They sent out for dinner, and dark angel lolita teen we had a nice time chatting with the
parents. Sunil and I went to the den, and locked the door. He put on some
music. We lay down on the bed and He started kissing me as he ran his hands
all over me and started taking off my clothes. In a short time, he had us
both naked and was on top of me kissing me as he ground his hairy body
against mine. I had him turn over on his stomach, and I got behind him and
started to lick his hairy ass. He buried his head in the pillow to muffle
his moans. As I licked his hole, I started stroking his big thick cock. We
didn't have a lot of time, and I wanted him inside me. I grabbed my tube of
lube, and lubed his cock. I got on all fours and he got behind me and held
my hips. I pushed back onto his cock and he thrust inside me. Now I was
muffling my moans in the pillow. He fucked me fast and hard. Every thrust
of his cock went over my prostate and I felt like I was going to explode.
It was so hot getting fucked by Sunil knowing his parents and brother were
in the house. I felt myself tense up, and grabbed my tee shirt and shot my
load into it, as Sunil dumped a huge load into my ass. preteen spanking pics lolitas He pulled out and I
sucked his cock clean as he sucked my cum out of my tee shirt. Sunil's mom
called him and he said he would be there in a minute. He told me to take a
shower, and he got dressed and left. He told him mom he was showing me how
the shower worked, because it was different from the ones at school.After my shower, we went out for a drive, and took Ram with us. They showed
me their town, and we joked a lot. Ram said he and I little underage lolita model had a lot in common.
I asked how and he said having Sunil as a roommate. He said we had common
sufferings. We laughed but Sunil didn't. He asked if Sunil and I jerked
off together. Sunil got really upset and said that was enough. I asked Ram
if he and Sunil used to jerk off together. He said they still do. Sunil
was really angry and said that was enough. He was very embarrassed. I told
Ram that I didn't have any brothers, but I knew that it was common for
brothers to share a good jerk off session. Ram said since we both shared a
room with Sunil, we could all jerk off together. I knew what Ram was trying
to do, but I didn't want to get into it now. I told Ram he should stop
because he was embarrassing his brother. Sunil exploded big time and spent
five minutes reprimanding his brother in their native language. I got real
quiet after that. I wasn't sure, but it sounded like he called Ram a faggot
in Hindi. When the trade was over, Ram apologised to me.Later that evening, Sunil and I sat in the den and talked. I asked him what
went on, and he said his brother and him always jerk off together before
they go to sleep, and yes he was still doing it. He said he knew his
brother was getting more interested in other guys, and he didn't want to
encourage it. I asked if he did anything else with his brother, and he said
they have tasted each other's cum, but that's naked preteen dark lolita it. I told him that's no big
deal, still not telling him what I did with Ram. I asked what the fight
was about. He said that he knew his brother was interested in me, and would
like to do more than just jerk off. I told him we need to have a serious
talk, and wanted his full attention.I finally was going to be able to use some of the stuff I learned in social
work classes. I told him he was obviously an alpha male, and he was always
trying to protect his territory, which in this case was me. I told him I
was not alpha, and while I enjoyed him being alpha, I'm admittedly very weak
when it comes to other men. If there is a naked man around me, I'm going to
be very open to his advances; not because I'm unfaithful, but because I'm
weak, and its how I'm wired. I have to deal with his being Alpha, and he
needs to deal with my weakness. Somehow that made sense to him. I said Ram
is a very cute guy, and he had to deal with the fact that Ram likes guys,
just like he does. I pointed 14 yr lolitas model out that Ram, being 16, is very curious and
that means he's going to keep checking out guys until he finds someone who
lets him explore what he is looking for. I told him to my way of thinking,
it would be safer and better if he learned with me under the supervision of
his brother. I noticed that Sunil was starting to get hard, which meant he
agreed. Sunil was still afraid that he would tell someone, and I said I was
sure he wasn't going to run to his parents and tell them that he fucked me.
We both laughed. Sunil said his parents would be going out on Saturday
night to the relatives, and we could all stay home. I said that was great.
We went into the living room and I tried to help bring some snacks out, but
Sunil's mom wouldn't let me help. I pulled Ram aside and filled him in on
what we planned, but he still couldn't tell Sunil what we did before. He
was excited. That night, when they went to bed, they were stroking each
other's cocks, and Sunil pulled Ram closer and sucked his cock while he felt
his hairy thighs and ass. Ram shot his load in pink tiny lolita pics Sunil's mouth and he
swallowed it. They changed positions, and Ram sucked Sunil's cock and felt
his body. Sunil shot his cum into Ram, and they got in their beds. Ram
told Sunil he loved him, and Sunil said he loved Ram too.The next couple of days went uneventfully. We all went to the store and
helped out. Sunil's parents were great to us, and Ram was a typical 16 year
old. Saturday came, and his parents left around 5 pm. We ordered a pizza
and watched some TV. Then we preteen lolita elwebb portal
all went in the den. Sunil asked Ram if he
was horny, and Ram said he was always horny. We laughed and I said I was
horny too. He asked Ram what he wanted to do about it. All of a sudden,
Ram got quiet. I said I knew what I was going to do about it and I took off
my tee shirt and sweat pants, and lay in bed in my boxers. Sunil and Ram
did the same. Sunil started feeling my tits and said how nice they were.
He told Ram he could feel them if he wanted. Ram got on top of me and
straddled me and started feeling my tits. I ran my hands up and down his
hairy inner thighs, making his cock poke through the opening in his boxers.
I gently felt the head of his cock, pulling his foreskin back. Ram leaned
in and started sucking my tits as Sunil gently pulled Ram's boxers off,
giving me full access to Rams thick bush. Sunil slid off his boxers and
then mine. We got in a 3 way formation on the bed,and I sucked Sunil's cock
while Sunil sucked Ram and Ram sucked me. It wasn't long before we swallowed
each other's loads. Sunil told me to get on all fours and I assumed the
position. Ram started fingering my ass and playing with my balls. He told
Ram to lick my hole, and without hesitation, he started rimming me. As he
did, Sunil got behind Ram and started licking his hole and fingering it.
Ram moaned as Sunil licked his hole. Sunil said if he wanted to fuck bbs lolita free pics
boyfriend, He was going to fuck Ram. Ram got in position, and slid his long
dark cock into me. I moaned loudly as he did. I loved feeling his hairy
legs against the back of mine,and his thick bush against my ass. He held
himself in that position as Sunil slowly worked his lube covered cock into
his brother's ass. Ram complained about the pain at first, but it went
away, and Ram started thrusting in me as Sunil started thrusting in Ram.
Ram reached around and started stroking my cock as he fucked me. Waves of
pleasure came over me as I shot my load into Ram's hand, and Ram took his
cum covered hand and licked it clean. A moment later, I felt Ram tensing up
and felt his long cock thrust deep in me, unloading his warm load of cum.
As his ass contracted, it sent Sunil over the edge and he thrust harder and
deeper into Ram, filling his ass with cum. I had Ram sit on my face as I
sucked Sunil's cum out of his ass. When we were done, I sucked them both
clean, and we collapsed on each other in bed. Ram thanked Sunil and asked
if we could do it again. Sunil and I laughed After we caught our breath,
Sunil and I made love while I yong nude lolitas bbs sucked Ram's cock. After Sunil filled me with
his load, Ram got behind Sunil and rimmed his ass and fucked him while I
watched. I had never seen Sunil get fucked before, and he screamed like a
baby when Ram's cock went into him. When we were done we showered as
Sunil's parents would be home soon. It seemed Sunil didn't mind other guys
fucking me as long as he was in control of it. When they went to bed, Ram
thanked Sunil, and they hugged. Two day later, we returned to school.
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